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Additional Press

Featured in DownBeat's "Best Albums of 2023"

★★★★ "This is simply great, challenging music."

– Brian Morton, DownBeat

"Seven Shades of Violet is not just a collection of individual compositions; it’s an intricately constructed and musically complex masterpiece."

– Steven James, Jazz in Europe


"This remarkable jazz pianist has channeled a profound depth of emotion and artistic expression into his music, making it an undeniable passion project that emerges from the ashes of his battle with stage 4 lymphoma. As part of Ridgeway’s Rising Stars series, this album is a testament to Echaniz’s remarkable journey, resilience, and his undeniable talent….Echaniz’s future in jazz shines brighter than ever, and we eagerly await his next artistic chapter.” – Steven James, Jazz in Europe


"A complex, perfectionistic, demanding album, with terrific playing by Echaniz ('Fantaisie 73') and with an almost magical progression.” – Phontas Troussas, Vinylmine

"Positively bone-chilling" - Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio

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